Fall 2016 Vintage Button Triangle Mittens {A little bit smaller}

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Loved this Sweater so much that we decided to make the whole front panel of this pair of Vintage Button Mittens with it!

The colours in this pair are: Deep Teal, Green, Rust, Oatmeal, Blue and Dark Green.

They are cut with our standard mitten pattern, but because of how the sweater shrunk, they fit a bit smaller than our regular sized mittens. Perfect for those with smaller hands.

All of our Edit Mittens are:
-Made from Repurposed Wool Sweaters
-Fully Lined with Cosy Fleece for Warmth.
-Measure: 9.5" from Top to Bottom.
-Give with wear.
-Can be gently washed by hand in cold water, and laid flat to dry.